Code VBA

Code VBA 7.0 beta

A VBA programming knowledge and productivity add-in

Code VBA is an essential add-in for both professional software developers and MS Office users who need the power of Visual Basic for Applications for automation purposes.
- Multiply your productivity by automatically inserting complete blocks of code declarations, program structures (if, select, loops) and procedure calls. You will find whatever you need easily because of the logical organization of the coding tools.
- Tooltips show the code that will be inserted, give info on what the procedure does and hyperlink to a help page if available.
- Consolidate and share your own knowledge. Pick up useful pieces of code, called code fragments or snippets and store them in a logically organized library.
- Use Excel VBA and Access VBA programming knowledge through the object model based menu organisation.
- Access all features from the menu without leaving the keyboard using Alt-C followed by mnemonic keys.

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